Protein Kinases
Novel Drug Targets of Post Genomic Era

The Protein Kinase Research Consortium is combining European expertise on basic research on protein kinases and rational drug discovery. This joint European research consortium of over 200 researchers aims at contributing to future treatments of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, Leishmaniasis, cardiac problems and brain diseases.
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The ProKinase video presentation is now published. Please, see the Video tab.
(April, 2009)
Our next and final meeting will be in
Helsinki 1-5 July 2009
Publications from the consortium
(updated 9th October, 2008)
Summary of the results
from the fourth year of the project
(30th May, 2008)
Article about Protein Kinase Research
(Pdf 1 MB)
published in EStrategies Projects Magazine